Liz E. (lizenthusiasm) wrote in freezepop4ever,
Liz E.

big news!

It's time for an exciting announcement: our new lineup! Well, as you may know, our live lineup has been rather "fluid" over the past several years. One thing we learned through all of this was that we preferred playing as a four-piece as opposed to just a three-piece. It makes for better energy onstage. And that's a good thing. Anyway, I am very pleased to introduce:
• Robert John "Bananas" Foster: OK, he's already a familiar face, he's toured with us since 1996 and was already going to become an official member of the band even before the Duke retired. He'll be handling drum and keytar duties.
• Christmas Disco Marie Sagan: I am psyched to not be the only girl in the band anymore! Christmas will be synthing and vocoding, maybe even doing some backing vocals.

We've been busy rehearsing and we'll be making our debut at the Boston show in December, so try to be there if you can!

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