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SimFreezepop in cosplay special!

This so isn't what I'd been intending to do tonight ;)

I downloaded some new outfits for SimFreezepop last night for the Super Sekrit Project I'm working on, but after 5 hours of searching through Sims sites I was too tired to do anything except play dress-up dolls with them for a bit. This was so fun I showed meeping when he came round today. Tim decided that The Duke's outfit was so outrageously spiky, all he needed was a big sword and then he could go & become the hero of some RPG. So, er, I downloaded some big swords as well. And then different costumes & weapons for the other two, because we can't have them being left out!

The big sword failed to show up in the game (probably a missing mesh or something), but the lightsabres worked pretty well... :D

Cosplay party!

More silliness. Click on the pictures to get them actual size.

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