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1) we're on twitter now!

2) symbion project album pre-order is happening! this is from the duke:
"5 years in the making, Symbion Project has at long last completed a 4th studio album release, entitled misery in soliloquy. Self-released on kasson’s own Speed of Dark Music, this album returns to the downtempo flavors, esoteric beats, and lush synthesizers found on 2003’s Immortal Game but is enhanced with featured vocals by Kasson and Melissa Kaplan (UHP/Splashdown) and elaborate string arrangements. Misery in Soliloquy comes with both a stereo audio cd and a video dvd that contains the high-def stereo music and quad surround audio which delivers an incredible immersive listening experience. The packaging design was done by Stoltze Design, who also did Immortal Game’s packaging and all of the Splashdown releases. If you pre-order the album by Oct 6th you receive a copy of the cd/dvd album + the wound up by god or the devil cd + an 11x17” poster of the album art all for $15usd (+shipping). It’s a pretty amazing deal for a ton of music. Click on this link to place your order:
I hope you enjoy it as much I did making it! Also, come and join me on facebook:"

3) lifestyle are playing a halloween show as depeche mode! they're in our practice space rehearsing right now, and it's sounding goooood. here are the details for you locals: Saturday, October 31 - Lifestyle are playing a Halloween show as Depeche Mode! That's at Great Scott, 1222 Commonwealth Ave, in Allston. Also featuring our pals Provocateur, Lake Champagne (performing as Prince), and Halston (damn, that's a good band name.) Doors at 9, Lifestyle are headlining, $10, 21+.

4) a mini-tour for us!
Wednesday, November 11 - University of Minnesota/Duluth, at the Kirby Student Center Ballroom. More info TBA. Doors at 8:45. Free to UMD students, $5 for everyone else, all ages!
Thursday, November 12 - Mankato, MN, at the What's Up Lounge, 701 N. Riverfront Dr. With Milk Bar, Duck Duck Punch, and TBA. Early show, doors at 6! $8, all ages!
Friday, November 13 - La Crosse, WI, at the Warehouse, 328 Pearl St. More info TBA. $10, all ages!
Saturday, November 14 - Chicago, IL, at Subterranean, 2011 W. North Ave. Late show, doors at 10:45. $12, 17+.

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